Case Studies


The Mechanical, Engineering and Related Services SETA (Merseta) required a career bus in the form of a mobile IT unit for the purpose of facilitating the provision of career development and guidance, as well as the implementation of skills development interventions and the dissemination of information to Merseta constituencies throughout South Africa. Solution Mobile Student…

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Bidvest and Modlin

The Bidvest mobile classroom formed part of the Bidvest corporate social initiative to facilitate a national teacher training pilot project. Bidvest allocated funds to promote maths and science skills amongst teachers and equip them with the necessary time-saving tools to facilitate test and exam preparation. Bidvest wanted to empower educators so that this knowledge could…

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Curro Schools

Curro, an independent school provider in South Africa, wanted to invest in educator training to expose teachers in selected schools to new training initiatives. Mobile Student Future and Modlin Education was approached to assist in delivering world class teacher training, specifically focusing on maths and science. Solution Mobile Student Future (MSF) and Modlin Education combined…

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