Offering the mobile classroom of the future

Bringing quality education and training to all communities.

Mobile classrooms are one of the best ways to deliver quality educational content, whether it’s a mobile classroom teaching children how to code in rural areas or teaching after school mathematics in more developed areas.


Our existing mobile classrooms can see groups of up to 20 learners or educators at a time, and also facilitate a trainer on-board. We ensure that the most vulnerable schools and institutions, which often lack funds for sufficient resources and technology, are reached with our solutions.


Bringing quality educational material and staff to all communities.


Xtend’s mobile units are always connected to the internet, allowing for cloud-based content to be accessed from anywhere.

Mobility as an extension of fixed infrastructure

Extend the reach of educational service providers, lightening the load on brick and mortar facilities.

Who is Xtend?

Xtend is creating the future of service delivery. Accessible, convenient and quality services are being requested all around the world. Xtend believes that an approach combining mobility, technology, and user-centricity is the only way to ease, improve and disrupt the current methods of delivering the essential services being demanded.

Xtend aims to advance the service industry by enabling service providers to take their offerings out into the greater world. Eliminating the barriers of distance, static infrastructure and low-quality services.

Xtend provides the platform for mobile initiatives, by combining and utilising quality solutions of various implementation, asset, tech and maintenance partners, ensuring our clients receive a service of the highest standard. Our goal is to transform the business landscape of the future by empowering organisations with the vision and tools to adapt to both our users’ need for accessibility and demand for convenience.

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